There’s been quite a number of requests lately over emails and messages with regard to my most recent cover with Fann . Well, here it is  just for your perusal and laughter. ENJOY!








~ by Tay Ping Hui on 28/07/2009.

46 Responses to “黑暗真相”

  1. 我来赌一赌占双沙发的机率高不高,哈哈。。。。。


  2. 嗨,斌!


    1) 中文老歌
    2) 張愛玲的作品,以及
    3) 童年往事。




    本身在大眾書局看到了Paulo Coelho 的新書“The Winner Stands Alone”,覺得應該是蠻不錯的一本小說。應該會符合您的閱讀品味。

  3. 準備在這周收到這本雜誌 在好好看看啦….. 裡面有沒有 添丁發財 的報導?

  4. ping hui, u like fann ah? do not commit adultery..she’s married!! christopher lee is a nice guy..don’t hurt him!! anyway cannot see 1st 4 pics!!

  5. Hi Pinghui, the 1st 4 pix can’t be seen. Anybody has the same
    problem? But anyway, I’d bought the mag. The interviews are very honest & provide an insights of celebs & the many unspoken
    practices of showbiz.

    Frankly, both you & Fann have many similar traits. Firstly, both of you are very misunderstood by the public coz of how both of you look.
    Good-looking aside, when you both don’t smile, you both surely look distant & unattainable. If only people will read up on you both to know actually both of you are very down-to-earth & kind.
    You both are very filial & family oriented. You both value friends in quality not quantity.You both keep a safe distance from
    those showbiz cliques & small-talks.

    When I read your interview, I keep laughing, coz your humour
    & the reporter’s humourous questions really surprise me. After reading this interview, who can still say Pinghui is intimidating & humourless, hehe. It’s very unfortunate that our showbiz is still in the infantile stage & mediacorp is ultimately just a tv
    production station & not a full-fledge artiste management company.
    Hence, no matter how outstanding their artistes are, Mediacorp doesn’t have the expertise & resources to market them to the max, the way foreign artistes managers can.I think you all stay on purely for the love of acting. Will there come a time when local’
    TV drama scripts meet the international standards? I really feel that S’pore artistes are disadvantaged coz of all these restrictions.

    After reading Fann’s interview, I find that she really had seen alot about showbiz here & overseas. That’s why she always come across as very wise & down-to-earth in her interviews. Unlike many who haven’t seen the world, especially those younger ones & so they come across as naive when they think they can change the big environment of showbiz with their Uni degree. They forgot that mediacorp is run by many Uni grads, if these Uni grads can’t change the environment & standards of their drama productions for years, there must be a reason.

    But I’m very shock to know that Fann is actually so tired of living & her smiles are not that of true happiness. It must be
    her disappointments with the showbiz environment as well as
    some unfulfilled dreams. But there again, how many of us are
    really happy. All of us have some personal problems that can’t
    be solved & keep us down & make us tired of living. Celebs have it harder as they can’t share it so freely with people around them.

    It’s true, it’s very hard to know a person’s inner feelings &
    dark thoughts. Not just celebs, ordinary people too. Just that
    celebs have more reasons to protect themselves & so less likely to show too much of their true selves in public & to the media.

    But one thing I do believe, both you & Fann have integrity &
    will not bow down to showbiz ill-practices & darkness.

    May both of you continue to act for the love of it & may you
    both find satisfaction along the way.

  6. 楼上的朋友想多了吧

  7. i love this issue of I-weekly alot, the pictures are so hot! 😀 you and Fann really do have great chemistry together (:

  8. 谢谢 pinghui,看到我的留言,还贴上了采访内容,you are so nice!

  9. 这本杂杂志是不是只有新加坡有?砂劳越有卖吗??

  10. Mr. Tay , 送你一首中国诗人海子的诗,也代表我对你小小的祝福:

    – 海子




    From tomorrow on, I will be a happy person;
    Grooming, chopping, and traveling all over the world.
    From tomorrow on, I will care foodstuff and vegetables,
    I have a house,towards the sea, with spring flowers blossoming.

    From tomorrow on, I will write to each of my dear ones,
    Telling them of my happiness,
    What the lightening of blessedness has told me,
    I will spread it to each of them.

    And give a warm name for every river and every mountain.
    Strangers, I will also give you my well-wishing.
    May you have a brilliant future!
    May you lovers eventually become spouse!
    May you enjoy happiness in this earthly world!
    I only wish to face the sea, with spring flowers blossoming.

  11. There’s a Wong Kar Wai feel in this photoshoot. I like 😀

  12. WOW! 你们真的很登对… 也很配… 男的帅,女的美!

  13. You both can do an international movie together since u both have such high calibre and chemistry. Fann has already broke into hollywood scene, whens Mr Tay turn?

    Mr Tay in this small show biz is like da cai xiao yong in my opinion…

  14. I also love this issue. Never expect iweekly to shoot it this way.
    Yeap, everybody said got the Wong Kar Wai’s feel. Hehe. But I think it’s cos the chemistry between you & Fann is simply great, not just in the drama but also in photos.
    You & Fann really look very compatible.
    I think you’d missed out some photos.

    Mr Tay, your interview is really very funny, hahaha.
    What make you choose the oldie song 巧合to be your ringtone.
    世上地人儿这样多, 你却碰到我。。。 haha, is this the correct lyrics?
    Hope you continue to find happiness in your work. Also wish you find someone special who understand you. Will you tell us what kind of girl are you looking for? As you know, you are quite a
    complex guy, hehe, so we really want to know what type of girl
    attracts you.

    Fann certainly had seen the world & I think she did the right thing by not talking too much about her overseas filming experiences.As what she said people will think she’s boasting
    or she’s airing her grievances. There are really too many green-eyed monsters in the showbiz industry.She indeed thinks alot, that’s why she sounds wise in her advices & attitude.
    Also hope she can be truly happy & not just being cheerful only. Her outlook on life is rather pessimistic, quite surprising for
    someone who is getting married. She’s also another complex person, hehe.

    I think it would be nicer if the interviews were done together &
    not separately.

    Anyway, I really enjoy reading both interviews.

    p/s: Mr Tay, have you finish filming your new drama?

  15. 范姐真的好妖艳哦!
    哈哈哈, 郑哥也很有60年代的味道。

  16. pinghui 最近好像空闲一点了,新戏快结束了?

  17. if 715 can go big screen, why not tay ping hui. da cai xiao yong. what’s more he speaks perfect english. he’s got many years experience in acting. it’s hard to find any young or new guys who can match up to him. let’s hope he does not leave us like xie shao guang. if he does, then channel 8 will be void.

  18. 大哥今天上午不用赶工?偷得浮生半日闲

  19. 上大屏幕是需要机缘的,而且715毕竟是中国广东人,更便于融入中国电影圈。

  20. 我要来去士林夜市逛逛了,耶比!~~~~~~~~~

  21. Hi Pinghui, recently the media seems to love Joanne Peh (JP) alot & gave her lots of news space. Ahem, guess she PR-ing very well with the media. Today’s news, it said you had a relationship with JP for 1 yr before you both broke off (they said it’s insider’s info). Before that, JP had a relationship with 715. When she was asked about this, she didn’t deny or admit. She seems to purposely create rumours for the media, as she always hint that there’s a possibility with who & who. And she seems happy to have
    rumours surrounding her.

    Poor Pinghui, people are always spreading rumours about you dating JP, no wonder, you can’t find a girlfriend.
    Girls thought you are already attached, hehe. But if you like
    JP, then go after her. Although she is 13 yrs younger than you, but she looks very mature & she’s very tall, so quite compatible with you too. Although, I don’t quite like her character, but maybe I misunderstood her. As long as you like her, I will give
    you my blessings. hehe.

    Don’t over-work, take some time out to date JP or any other girls
    you fancy.

    oh ya, forgot to say Fann got very beautiful long legs. And read that she has very beautiful complexion, not just her face but also her legs, hehe. Must be true, cos The Ultimatum was filmed on HD & her complexion still look super great.

  22. 哥,坦白说,与老家的感觉相比,我更喜欢现在新家的感觉呢!! 我说的是指就整体的布置来说喔!~~ 当然是各有千秋啦!~ 只是就个人感觉来说,我还是比较新家的感觉。


    哥,晚安了! 祝你今晚有个好梦!

  23. Hmmm… 715 act in movies but cant qualify as movie star? I think basically acting as some ‘extra’ or ‘supporting’ roles in movies are not something to be proud of or boasted about. I don’t even think that acting as a lead role in local film is something to be boasted about…As for international movies, it’s either prominent role or no role. I personally think its pointless to be on the big screen as something small. One person can act in 50 hollywood movies as ‘extra’ or very ‘supporting’ characters yet cant be as well known or popular than one who acted a prominent lead role in just a couple hollywood movies. This is what I’m drivin at…

    as for JP matter, I agree with u about her “flooding” the coverage lately. I personally do not like her too. But I don’t really care of their private bgr, so even if she was or is with Mr Tay, it’s not really our concern. As long as Mr Tay is happy…

  24. You always look good no matter how it is gonna be. Even with your new short hairstyle, you look great thou others says you look nerd. Was happy to see you going home while I was with my colleagues playing basketball that day. And also today saw you at the “cafeteria” during early dinner time. Was in a quite dull mood as work getting hectic but it was so coincidence to see you there when I was going home, you just brighten up my day. Thank you so much. No matter, what media gossips about you, still the same phrase I would say, PH, Gambatte.

  25. wow i just realized english versions are added! cool for those who prefer english…

  26. dun ruin tph’s life, the person who suggested he dates the person who tries ways and means to get the media attention. this sort of person is not good for ping hui. ping hui, ignore this stupid recommendation. ann is still better for u.

  27. 哈哈,看了留言想笑一下。斌辉快去找个爱你的,你也爱的女生结婚吧

  28. 斌辉,当我看到这些照片第一个感觉就是

  29. After reading the iweekly, I suddenly recalled during the promo of Always on My Mind (wu yan de ai)in 2003, on 933 radio, when asked how is working with PingHui, Fann said “Pinghui & I have the same wave-length, so it’s very easy to work with him”

    It’s a pity that before & after 2003, both of you don’t have the
    fate to work together, despite PingHui being in this line for
    10+++ yrs, you both had only acted in 2 dramas only. That’s probably Fann has been doing 1 local drama a year & also both of
    you are being used by Mediacorp to help upgrade the newbies all these years.

    Well, I also don’t quite like JP, find her very pretentious. She’s actually very ambitious but yet pretend to be unambitious.
    She still got alot to learn but yet she talks too much too soon,
    without knowing alot of things. Over-confident? Certainly. Arrogant? Maybe. Show-off? Seem like it. Misunderstood-Maybe
    yes & maybe not.

    But if Pinghui likes JP, I will encourage him to act on it,
    hehe, don’t miss the boat again. Although, JP is not very
    beautiful but still attractive enough. Anyway, Pinghui said before he doesn’t go for look, hehe.Most importantly must be
    happy, since we only got 1 life.

    Maybe, Pinghui can share with us his thoughts on whether is it
    necessary to marry. Is being single more suitable for him?
    The type of wife he wants. Blog about it next time, OK. hehe.

  30. 斌辉哥,你可以尝试把留言的字体放大一点。那就不会这么辛苦,你也比较容易看到我们的留言。你还记得你在星梦情真里演唱的《这一首歌》吗?这首歌非常好听,可是我找了很久都找不到。你可以告诉我在哪里可以下载吗?那首歌真的很好听。

  31. Hi Ping Hui!
    Both of you look great and you both are sure photogenic! Thanks for taking time of to share these pictures with us! Take care:D

  32. 爱情是个人的事,无需和大众分享,自己喜欢就好。

  33. 哇~!还真“华丽”的啊,哈哈~

  34. Nice photos!

  35. Hie Binhui Kor !
    Did not see any of your shows recently..
    when will you appear on the screen??

  36. 这个重贴的杂志内页,上头的字体清淅多了,至少,以我这个四眼田鸡,都还能看得清的情况下。。。。不错,不错!

    呵呵。。。原来,传说中的酷男,手机铃声竟是用”凤飞飞”大姐的歌呀? 呵呵。。。

  37. 我的眼睛废了九牛二虎之力,终于把它看完了,其他,那黑底白字的部份,我实在没办法,但是白底黑字的部份,我全部读完了。 快变成斗鸡眼了! 晕 。。。。

  38. 访问中提到的Ix,
    是Ix Shen 沈倾掞,《随心所欲》里的james?

  39. I like

  40. 看到Update雜誌圖片 看到斌輝大哥的貼心 讓許多海外影迷可以即時看到報導內容
    And 謝謝斌輝大哥 您在老家的連結 寫上 文武爭輝
    雖然我位必有長時間可以去整理 但只要有資訊 我會盡量撥空Update的!
    準備工作了… 原本的出差要改到下週1或2… Busy^^

  41. 既然如此,想借着机会跟似水流年声“谢谢”。您分享的诗,让我们认识了现代诗人“海子”。诗句简单中带有美感。蛮喜欢的。

  42. 台风天。。。。唉。。。却没有台风假,这。。。。。。要去上班了!
    哥,要好好加油!~ 永远支持你!

  43. Hello Ping hui kor kor.
    I just came back from China, and finaly can get to your Blog, coz China banned blogs and stuff. Well now i am back at the States 😀

    When i saw this the 1st thing came is my mind is… Christopher lee xD haha, i am wondering what he thinks o.o I really hoped you were with Fann. But you came 1 step late haha xD But still, hope you are gonna find a Girlfriend soon and hurry up get married la! xD

    I wish you will still work as a actor until you are oldddddd coz i wish to meet you. I wanna be a actoress when i grow up, go back Singapore and work. 😀 THats my Future goal 😀 But for now i am Young!!! about 10+more years till i am free.

    – Jayne ❤ 🙂

  44. 嗨!斌辉哥。
    希望这样不会把你给叫老了。哈哈!怎么说你都比我年长,是我的前辈,我应该尊重你的。以上的照片根本看不出你的实际年龄,看起来好像三十岁而已,真的拍的很好。你的演技和歌声令我很惊讶。因为我在youtube看见你唱”I’m Yours”。真的是很意外。如果有机会演戏,真希望能与你一起演出。日后,我都回100%的支持你。

  45. I bought this issue of i-weekly coz of u!!! Very sexy photos with Fann Wong huh~ *HAHA*!!! 😛

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