All Time Favourite Artiste, my words

Was asked about my writings in the recent concluded Star Awards Booklet. I think the best way would be to share it.Image.

” I think there is not greater joy than to be able to do something you love as a career. Acting as a generic form is similar, but the myriad of physical/ emotional permutation and combination is simply mind boggling. As much as we like to think that it is make believe, it is all real to me. The moments of love, sadness, hatred, sensuality and even violence.. coming together at different times to give life unto the character, transforming it from a two- dimensional being written in mere words, into a living, breathing, feeling person.

It has been a long journey. On a path of peaks and valleys where I have learnt much from many individuals I’ve met. I have learnt the qualities of not just an excellent actor, but also the qualities that would make me a respectable man. For it is not about how popular you are, but about why you are popular. It is not about being famous, it is about how you can motivate others with that fame.

This writing is dedicated to those who loved me unconditionally, who educated me, who believed in me, and most of all, those who unreservedly supported me. Without your love, kindness and dedication, I would definitely be a lesser man than I am today. Thank you all.

And finally, I have this to say:” 做神仙了wor!”


~ by Tay Ping Hui on 05/05/2012.

3 Responses to “All Time Favourite Artiste, my words”

  1. Nice blog here 😀
    I truly admire u now ! ~
    Hope to meet u one day too

  2. 都是英文,我也看不懂,我现在泰语都比英语强了……
    su su na ka (加油!)

    Really happy for you, you totally deserve the award. ^^
    Love your sense of humour as well as your serious side. Glad that you update your Twitter and Weibo often! 🙂
    Will support you forever, jiayouuuuuu! 😀 ❤

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