Back on Board

Hi all,

Looking back, its been a long time since I’ve written here after getting on Twitter and the Chinese 微博. Its great and have been very interactive and personal, but sometimes it is simply too limiting to have to put all your thoughts into 140 characters because, just sometimes, believe it or not, my thoughts go beyond 140 characters.

Hence, I shall endeavour to come here more often this year to share my thoughts and opinions. Some shall be just for entertainment, others a little more serious-ie.  social commentary, political opinions, economical observations.

WordPress shall also henceforth be the primary platform for my entries in English. For my Chinese entries, they shall be in

See Y’all soon!


~ by Tay Ping Hui on 19/01/2012.

3 Responses to “Back on Board”

  1. HEllo 斌輝大哥~難得 難得~又要回到這個老地方了嗎?
    龍年行大運 新年快樂!
    工作順利 生活幸福美滿

    望來年 新加坡 在見面啦!

    正在公司等最後ENDING的 Melody : )

  2. 我想这是新浪博客那篇回家的翻译过来的英文版吧!?

  3. HAIII~~

    Don’t you know you can tweet longer now at here >>> 😀 ANW can I have your twitter account? LOL xD

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